Project Controls

The goal of project control is to communicate the project status accurately, in a timely manner to help the project team deliver a project that is on time and within budget.

At nVent Thermal Management, project controls are the backbone of any successful project.  Project controls include project management, cost control, and project scheduling.
Accurate and timely reports during execution are the foundation of a well-run and successful project.

Project Management

Project management acumen includes a robust Project Control program that provides:

  • Accurate and timely cost reporting and forecasting
  • Integrated, resource-loaded schedules to ensure proper staffing requirements and sequencing of work
  • Progress and productivity analysis ensures that productivity problem-areas are identified early, and corrective-actions are taken
Cost Control
  • Represents the current control budget man hours based on IFC drawings
  • Captures field changes accurately and in a timely manner
  • Represents percent-complete accurately
  • Provides timely and accurate forecasting
  • Keeps a current log and documentation of change and impact to project cost
Project Scheduling
  • Reflects the construction sequence accurately
  • Guides project supervisors to plan their work activities
  • Reflects correct and up-to-date status
  • Incorporates change to reflect current scope
  • Represents proper resource requirements
Connection and Protection