Thermal Insulation

A pipe heat tracing system using thermal insulation from nVent Thermal Management.

Often overlooked or misunderstood, the proper choice for thermal insulation can have a very positive impact on installation and energy costs of a heat tracing system.

Many insulation standards have been developed to address both heat conservation and personnel protection. While these legacy standards have their place for those specific purposes, insulation for heat tracing should take into account factors such as energy consumption, the number of heat tracing circuits and the maximization of circuit lengths.

Our thermal insulation optimization programs review each heat tracing application and develop project specific heat tracing insulation specifications that can significantly impact the total installed and operating costs of your Heat Management System. However, like all optimization opportunities, thermal insulation optimization must be done in the early phase of the project.

With thousands of turnkey heat tracing projects under our belt, our experience has led us not only to properly apply conventional insulation types, but to develop unique composite and application techniques specifically for heat tracing applications.

Connection and Protection