Heated Instrument Enclosures

The inclusion of heated instrument enclosures and impulse line heating requirements for field-mounted instruments is an integral component of any heat management system.

nVent Thermal Management can design and engineering these instrument enclosure systems assuring that the heating technology, control & monitoring, and project controls are consistent with the overall heat tracing system.

Decisions about placement of power connections, power distribution routes and effective use of control and monitoring capacity can lead to significant installation cost reduction when designed in conjunction with pipe and equipment heat tracing requirements.

Heating of field-mounted instrument enclosure involves a thorough review of design, application, installation, and operations criteria. These include:

  • Process conditions for associated piping and equipment
  • Maintain temperatures
  • Maximum exposure temperature
  • Power point allocation & distribution
  • Transition from process to instrument envelope
  • Impulse line configuration
  • Instrument enclosure selection
  • Control and monitoring

Heated instrument enclosure deliverables can include:

  • Instrument installation schedules
  • Instrument installation details specific to accommodation of impulse lines and enclosures
  • Instrument enclosure details
  • Power point assignment
Connection and Protection