Heat Management System

Heat Management System diagram from nVent Thermal Management

A Heat Management System (HMS) is an engineered system designed to maintain or protect process piping, equipment, vessels and instrumentation at pre-determined temperatures, and within defined design criteria.


A Heat Management System includes the following components:

  • Heat Delivery System which is either electrically powered or transfers heat through re-circulating fluids such as glycol, steam or hot oil.
  • Utility Distribution System which can be electricity, steam/condensate, hot oil, or glycol to the heat delivery system.
  • Control & Monitoring System for the heat delivery system.
  • Thermal Insulation System installed over the heat delivery system.
  • Heated Instrument Enclosures which include pre-packaged instrument enclosures, and pre-traced/pre-insulated tube bundles.

nVent Thermal Management is a global organization with a complete line of heat tracing systems, superior technical support, proven project execution strategies, and world class safety standards , making us an ideal partner for our customers worldwide who benefit from our expertise, products, and services to meet their heat management system needs.

Our network of heat tracing service centers provides you with regional experts who are familiar with specific codes and requirements and who can complete projects in a timely and safe manner. Service centers are strategically positioned to execute projects anywhere in the world and offer our full array of Heat Management System (HMS) services.

By involving nVent Thermal Management early in the development of a Heat Management System (HMS), you can realize the same level of engineering design excellence, ingenuity, quality, integrity and product expertise throughout all phases of a project, from Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) through Commissioning.

Our project delivery methodologies include:
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM)
  • Engineering, Procurement, Quality Assurance (EPQA)
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