Engineering & Design

nVent’s Industrial Heat Tracing Solutions platform provides a full array of heat tracing system engineering and design services from engineering centers strategically located around the world, including Houston (TX, USA), Edmonton (AB, Canada - through nVent TRACER Industries Canada LTD), Amstelveen (Netherlands), New Delhi (India), Mumbai (India), and Shanghai (China).

Our global presence signifies familiarity with the diverse codes and standards that govern heat tracing construction projects in different parts of the globe. Because of this, we can engineer your heat tracing system to meet the standards at the build site, regardless of the location.

Our project design teams use state-of-the-art design tools and a customer-first philosophy in order to deliver value-added solutions to your heat tracing engineering and design needs. We use:

  • TRACERLYNX—an Industry leading electronic circuit design software which can use standard IDF and PCF files for those using 3D facilities design techniques
  • Finite element analysis
  • Heat up / cool down programs for piping and equipment
  • Computational flow diagrams (CFD)

With these engineering and design tools we create a well-defined and accurate heat tracing system scope and choose the best products / systems for your project.

We compile a complete list of engineered deliverables specific to your project in an operations and heat trace maintenance manual that includes:

Standard Installation DetailsHeat Tracing SchedulesPower Distribution Drawings
Heat Tracing IsometricsName Plate SchedulesControl Building Drawings
Skin-Effect Piping Spool DrawingsSet-point SchedulesConstruction Work Packages
Power & Control Cable SchedulesCommunications Block Diagram DrawingsAs-built Drawings
Panel Board SchedulesControl Panel DrawingsCustom Deliverables by Request
  • Lowest Cost EHT Engineering and Design option
  • Highest Quality of Engineering and Design product, including installation details and specifics that enable any installer to proceed into the work immediately
  • Marked reduction in power distribution costs - TIC and TOC - through innovative EHT and C&M design
Connection and Protection