The nVent RAYCHEM STRIPPING-TOOL-SR-CABLE is a cable stripping tool with no exposed or moving blades. This patent pending tool is designed for use with RAYCHEM® BTV-CR, BTV-CT, QTVR-CT, XTV-CT, KTV-CT and IceStop self-regulating heat-tracing cables. The tool is designed for faster, safer and more reliable cable terminations. It has a robust metallic body, ergonomic contour and replaceable blades.

Technical Specifications

The tool has two sets of blades designed for precise scoring of the outer and inner jackets of a cable. The scoring blades are protected by a spring-loaded cap that rotates automatically. For safety, the cap rotates back to its original position automatically after the cutting operation is performed.

Body  Symmetric and Ergonomic Aluminum A380 Metallic Body with TPE soft sleeve.
Jacket scoring bladesA pair of jacket scoring stainless steel blades with depth ranges of 0.04–0.06 inch and 0.01–0.03 inch.
Blade cover    Spring loaded Zinc alloy cap that covers both the blades when the tool is not in use.
Core scoring feature    Core scoring blade which will prevent damage to the conductors. The blade height should be 0.01–0.04 inch.
Replaceable bladesAll blades can be replaced with a screwdriver. Replaceable blades are provided with the tool.
CoatingMetallic body coated with electrostatic epoxy powder 0.002–0.005 inch thick


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