Roof Ice Melt System: RIM


RIM system is our premiere offering where design factors like severe wind speed, elevation, low temperatures, heavy snow load areas with roof snow accumulation over 15” (38 cm) and annual snowfall over 100” (254 cm) require the most robust system.

RIM system consists of RIM panels that use high wattage self-regulating cable providing high power output required for heavy snow load areas. Other components of RIM System include connection kits, accessories, controllers and power distribution. RIM system mechanically protects the heating cable, is permanently attached to the roof using screws, provides continuous ice free roof edges and is aesthetically pleasing. RIM panels are specifically designed for eaves, valleys, channels, rakes and flat roof sections. A complete RIM System consists of connection kits, accessories and control systems.

RIM-E Eave Panel (RIM-E):

RIM-E panels are installed on the roof eaves and embed 3 runs of self-regulating heating cable for high power output requirements. The self-regulating heating cable is embedded in a specially designed base that directs most of the heat to the top surface for maximum efficiency. The base and heating cable are covered with a cover panel that transfers heat along the continuous edge of the roof. The cover panels are available in variety of colors to match the roof material.

RIM Valley Panel (RIM-V):

RIM-V panels are designed to mount in the roof valley and provide a heated melt path down the valley to prevent water ponding behind ice dams.  RIM Valley Panels should be used with the RIM Eave Panels to ensure that snowmelt draining down the roof to the valleys does not freeze and form ice dams in the lower portion of the valley.

RIM Low Pitch Eave Panel (RIM-LPE):

RIM-LPE panels are specifically designed for roof systems with roof pitches of 3:12 or less. These could be metallic standing seam roofs or membrane roofs with low pitch.

RIM Snow Melt Panel (RIM-S):

RIM-S panels are typically used to melt snow on a flat or standing seam roofs. RIM-S panels embed 2 runs of high wattage self-regulating heating cables in a specially designed base. The base and embedded heating cables are covered by a cover panel that transfers heat to a wider section of the roof. One of the applications for RIM-S panels is to install them in between standing seams to melt the snow from the entire sections of standing seam roof. RIM-S panels have also been used on flat membrane roofs to provide melt paths for the snow towards drains.

RIM Channel Panel (RIM-C):

RIM-C channel panels are used to provide heated flow channels for snow melt. RIM2-C channel panels embed 2 runs of high wattage self-regulating cables in metal panels to form a channel. These are typically used to direct snow melt from one section of the roof to the drain or gutter in a metal channel.

RIM Rake Panel (RIM-R):

RIM-R rake panels are used on roof rakes to provide heated path for snow melt to the eave or gutter. RIM-R channel panels embed 2 runs of high wattage self-regulating cables and have a ledge on the cover panel to direct the snow melt flow.


nVent RAYCHEM RIM system is a completely engineered solution to meet your specific roof and gutter de-icing requirements. As a part of an engineered solution, we can do the following:

  • Evaluate requirements with a site visit for building retrofits.
  • Review architectural drawings, roof layouts and elevations for new construction.
  • Evaluate control system options and total current load.
  • Determine individual circuit layouts and total bill of materials for the job.
  • Design custom solutions for special requirements.
  • Procure and supply materials for RIM system including self-regulating heating cable, RIM panels, connection kits, accessories and control systems.
  • Provide customized installation, operation and troubleshooting manuals for your system.
  • Provide field support services.

Technical Specifications

  • Power output – 24 W/ft at 40F for RIM-V, RIM-LPE panels, 36 W/ft for RIM-E panels
  • Material Selection: Copper or Kynar® painted aluminum
  • Color Selection (Alum.): 23 standard colors, 8 custom colors
  • Heating Cable Supplied:
    • RAYCHEM IceStop cable
    • UL and CSA Certified for roof and gutter de-icing
  • Panel Lengths: Up to 10 feet per panel
  • Components Supplied: Power connection kit(s), splice and end termination kits



Warranty Information

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