Window Mullion Heating (WMH) System


nVent RAYCHEM Window Mullion Heating (WMH) is a complete heating solution installed in window frames. The system utilizes high wattage self-regulating cable installed in an engineered aluminum tray assembly offering efficient, high performance heat that keeps your windows free of frost and moisture.

  • High power output for high performance requirements
  • Uniform heat transfer for energy efficiency
  • Concealed and mechanically protected heating cable for aesthetics and longevity
  • System fastened to the surface
Custom designs available

Technical Specifications

Material selectionKynar® painted aluminum
Color selection23 standard colors, 8 custom colors
System ComponentsAluminum Extrusion, cover panel to match mullion color and dimensions, heat tracing cable, heat shrink connection kits
Heat trace cable suppliedGM-1X for 120 V applications
GM-2X for 208-277 V applications
DimensionsExtrusion thickness: ¾ inch
Extrusion width: 1 7/8 inch


Engineering Specifications


Warranty Information

Warranty Extension Available

Connection and Protection