Suspension Mounted Heating (SMH) System


nVent RAYCHEM suspension Mounted Heating (SMH) is a complete snow melting solution installed under suspended metal surfaces such as stairs, walkways and catwalks. The system utilizes high wattage self-regulating cable installed in an engineered, insulated aluminum tray assembly offering efficient, high performance snow melting that keeps your suspended surfaces free of snow and ice.

  • Consistent cable layout for faster installation
  • Fewer parts for fast and reliable installation
  • Uniform heat transfer for energy-efficient performance
  • Concealed and mechanically protected heating cable for longevity
  • System fastened to the surface for reliable contact

Technical Specifications

SystemTop section with aluminum channels and plate
20QTVR-CT (4 runs per SMH system)
Bottom section with aluminum tray and 1 inch closed cell foam insulation
Materials of ConstructionTop Section: Aluminum
Bottom Section: Aluminum; Closed cell foam insulation
Power Output20 W/ft (65.6 W/m) of QTVR heating cable at 10°C (50°F)
Minimum Installation Temperature0°F (-18°C)
Overall SMH Dimensions*Width: 9 in (229 mm)
Length: 56 in (1422 mm)
Thickness: 2 3/8 in (60 mm)
Top Plate Dimensions*Width: 9 in (229 mm)
Length: 50 in (1270 mm)
Thickness: 0.090 in (2.3 mm)
InsulationThickness: 1 in (25 mm)
Overall SMH Weight5.26 lb/Sq. ft. (25.68 kg/sq. m.)


Warranty Information

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