In-Pipe Retro Heating Cables


nVent RAYCHEM In-Pipe Retro is a pipe freeze protection system that heats uninsulated plastic pipes from the inside and is intended for applications where an existing pipe cannot be insulated. For lengths between 40 and 70 feet, a thermostat and a 120-volt plug-in GFI protection device are included. For lengths between 80 and 250 feet, only the thermostat is included, a 240-volt power supply is required and the heating cable must be connected to a GFI breaker. RAYCHEM In-Pipe Retro is designed for use with 1" and 1 1/4" PE pipes. Because all RAYCHEM In-Pipe Retro cables incorporate a double run of heating cable, a high level of heat is produced and the pipe is freeze protected without the need for insulation.

Additional Product Information:

  1. Designed for use with 1" and 1-1/4" polyethylene pipes that are not insulated
  2. Suitable for use in potable water

Industries Served:
Building and Construction


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