Pentair Launches Raychem ETS-05 New Electronic Thermostat

Accurate temperature control and monitoring for heat-tracing installations

Jul 05, 2017

Houston   -

Pentair Electrical, a global business unit within Pentair Ltd. (NYSE: PNR), is proud to announce the introduction of the new Raychem ETS-05 electronic thermostat. More accurate and reliable than a mechanical thermostat, the Raychem ETS-05 provides increased connection terminals, a broader temperature control range, increased maximum current load, an additional fail-safe option, and a local LED indicator.

With its cost effective and integrated design, the Raychem electronic thermostat has an increased terminal size to 6mm2 (10 AWG), enabling power and direct connection of heat-tracing cables. Without the need of junction boxes, plant owners benefit from reduced cost.

The Raychem ETS-05 is available in two versions. Fitted with a flexible sensor, the ETS-05-Lx-A KIT monitors temperatures up to 199°C (390 °F) while the wall-mountable ETS-05-Hx-A can be used for temperatures up to 499°C (930°F). Switching accuracy of ±1K at 5°C (41°F) and switching differential (Hysteresis) of 3°C (5°F) is another added feature. Both come with a maximum nominal current of 24 Amps.

Raychem ETS-05 is approved for ordinary areas and hazardous area Zone 1 or Zone 2 (Gas) or Zone 21 (Dust) CL I, DIV 2. Furthermore, with a fail on/fail off feature, the electronic thermostat increases safety. The LED indicator signals whether the thermostat, as well as the heat-tracing cable, are switched on or off. In the event of sensor failure, the thermostat can switch on or off, depending on the user’s requirement.

“We are constantly looking to improve our products to ensure they meet our customers’ needs,” says Anup Rama, Product Manager for Controls & Monitoring from Pentair. “The ETS-05 ensures higher reliability and reduces the total cost of ownership for our customers.”

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