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Mar 04, 2015

Dubai, UAE  - Pentair Thermal Building Solutions has extended the global warranty on its Tracetek TT1000 water leak detection cable range to 10 years. Specifically developed for buildings that contain critical data centers or valuable assets, Tracetek helps building managers take corrective actions before any systems are affected. The new warranty covers the complete line of TT1000 leak sensing cables.

Installing infrastructure and equipment to protect buildings or computer systems from water damage is important for their continuous and efficient operation. Leak detection products are often installed during the initial phases of construction and reside in areas that are difficult to reach. Replacing faulty devices can be time-consuming, costly and cause additional damage to the equipment if left unprotected. It is therefore important that these cables operate reliably for extended periods of time to minimize maintenance costs and ensure the highest level of protection.

“Businesses that depend on extensive electronic equipment want to ensure that it is protected from damage and that the monitoring systems are fully functional when a leak occurs,”comments Matt Chamberlain, global product manager at Pentair Technical Building Solutions. “At Pentair, we are committed to providing high quality and reliable leak detection equipment, and our new warranty reflects this promise. We are proud to be one of the first companies to offer a global 10-year product warranty on our leak detection cables and their components. We believe this extension brings even more value to our customers and provides them with full confidence that their infrastructure is protected with robust and long-lasting technology.“

Tracetek TT1000 water sensing cables are entirely polymer-based with no exposed metal conductors to provide complete protection from corrosion. They are available in long lengths to minimize the number of connectors in the system for simplified installation. The cables use a standard four-wire design to provide location and multiple leak reporting. Monitoring electronics are included in the alarm panels or mounted wall units and are external to the cables. This allows for any electronic component issues to be repaired quickly and easily.

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