Design Critical Circuits That Use nVent PYROTENAX MI Copper and Steel Sheathed Wiring Cable

PyroSizer is a tool to aid in the design of critical circuits that utilize copper and steel sheathed PYROTENAX MI.
You simply define basic conditions pertaining to your project upfront (NEC or CEC, voltage, etc.) in the "Project Default Parameters" screen and then apply these conditions to each segment of the project—reducing the amount of keying you need to do and speeding up the design. You can save segments within each project; and you can output a detailed list of all segments in a project in Excel.

PyroSizer features advanced calculations including voltage drop in the fire zone, available fault current at the load end of a circuit, and voltage drop at a fire pump including the generator/transformer. The list of applications includes both Industrial (e.g. MOV's using PYROTENAX Alloy 825 sheathed MI) and a range of commercial fire- and non fire-rated applications.

Connection and Protection