Temperature Maintenance

By selecting the proper heat tracing cable and controls, a commercial temperature maintenance system can maintain the temperature of fluid in a pipe to a desired level, over a broad range of temperatures, as dictated by the particular application.

Temperature Maintenance Heat Trace System

nVent Thermal Management uses heat trace cables to maintain the temperature of fluid in pipes. Our temperature maintenance solution is ideal for commercial applications that require fluids to be heated above room temperature, such as:


  • Critical Safety Lines  (Tepid water line) — temperature sensitive water lines such as eyewash stations and safety showers that must be maintained from 60°F to 100°F as specified under the 2009 ANSI standard.
  • Specialized Hot Water Supply — hot water supply to commercial laundries or kitchens that require that the water be heated above the domestic hot water maintenance temperature of 140°F maximum. Also for heating water in pipes that are located in areas that are not temperature controlled (outdoors, garages  and attics)

nVent Thermal Management offers XL-ERATE, the on-line design tool, to assist in selecting the correct heat trace cable and control system to suit your application requirements.

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