Roof & Gutter De-Icing

Roof-and-Gutter-Residential.jpg Roof and gutters can be severely damaged by ice buildup. Ice dams and icicles form when the accumulated snow on a roof melts, and refreezes at the eaves and valleys during the evening. As the cycle continues and the ice dam continues to grow, it prevents the melted water from properly draining off of the roof. Eventually, icicles begin to form, potentially creating both structural damage and safety issues.

What Causes Ice Dams?
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Roof & Gutter de-icing system

The roof and gutter de-icing systems maintain a continuous path for roof snow melt to drain from the roof through the gutter and downspout. We have a suite of solutions to meet your roof & gutter de-icing needs and budget. These de-icing systems are ideal for installation on:

  • Roofs made from standard roofing materials including shake, shingle, rubber, tar, wood, tile, slate, membrane, metal and plastic
  • Gutters made from standard materials including metal, plastic and wood
  • Downspouts made from standard materials including metal and plastic

nVent RAYCHEM Roof Ice Melt ( RIM / RIM2 ) System is our premier engineered, aesthetically elegant, concealed roof & gutter de-icing solution to prevent ice dams, icicles, and frozen gutter problems. The RIM system mechanically protects the self-regulating cable, provides high power output along the entire roof edge, and is ideal for new construction or renovation of residences for all snow load areas.

RAYCHEM WinterGard Wet , FrostGuard and Gardian Systems are the off-the-shelf, ready-to-install, self-regulating heating cable roof & gutter de-icing solutions that automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature variations. These reliable roof & gutter de-icing solutions are ideal for residential or small commercial buildings in light to moderate snow load areas.

Additional Components for roof and gutter deicing systems include:

  • Connection kits and accessories – items for making reliable electrical connections and properly completing the installation, such as power connections, end seals and attachment clips and ties
  • Control systems – devices such as thermostats, controllers and sensors, help trigger the system to energize when the ambient temperature is below freezing, ensure that the roof de-icing system is energy efficient, and help maintain the temperature of the roof above freezing.

nVent’s roof & gutter de-icing systems prevent both ice dams and icicles from forming by creating a continuous path for roof snow melt to drain from the roof. While nVent RAYCHEM roof & gutter de-icing systems are reliable and maintenance-free solutions, other solutions just don’t measure up.

Proven Technology

Roof-and-Gutter-Residential.jpg nVent is the world leader in heat-tracing solutions. We have sold over one billion feet of RAYCHEM self-regulating cable and are known for technical leadership and expertise in polymer science and radiation cross-linking. Self-regulating heat trace cable reduces heat output automatically as the roof and gutter heating cable warms to above freezing, resulting in lower energy output, and eliminating the possibility of overheating.

Reliable, Maintenance Free, Environmentally Clean Solutions


RAYCHEM systems utilize electric heat trace cables avoiding environmental and safety hazards. Hydronic systems rely on circulating warm fluids, such as a glycol-water mix which increases the risk of hazardous leakage and maintenance required.

Simple Design, Easy-to-Install

WinterGard Wet, FrostGuard and Gardian cables can be cut-to-length, can be overlapped without causing hotspots, are repairable, and have easy-to-use connection kits and accessories. With the FrostGuard and Gardian preassembled heat trace cable, there is no assembly required. The installer does not need to make the end seal or power connection (120 Vac). We offer step-by-step instructions for properly designing and installing an energy efficient system.

Self-Regulating Technology

Self regulating nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating heat trace cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes. They have a heating element that consists of a continuous core of conductive polymer extruded between two copper bus wires. As current flows through the core, the heat trace cable regulates its own heat output in response to ambient conditions—eliminating hot spots and resulting in better temperature control and roof and gutter protection.

Roof Ice Melt ( RIM / RIM2 ) System

RIM system consists of metallic panels that embed self-regulating heat tracing cable to provide high power output and an aesthetically pleasing roof de-icing solution. The panels are offered in different metal types including copper, zinc, Corten®, or Kynar® painted aluminum. Aluminum panels come in 31 different colors to match the color of roof material. The RIM system includes panels specifically designed for eaves, valleys, channels, rakes and flat roof sections as shown below:

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Control Systems

nVent offers thermostats, sensors and controllers to meet a variety of roof de-icing requirements.

RAYCHEM EC-TS sensing thermostats
  • Sensing thermostats trigger the system to energize whenever the roof temperature is below freezing.
ETI snow melting and gutter de-icing controllers
  • ETI GF-Pro and PD-Pro controllers trigger the system to energize when both moisture and low temperatures are detected. They work with the GIT-1 and CIT-1 sensors (sold separately).
RAYCHEM AS Digital controller
  • RAYCHEM AS Digital controller allows on/off operation of RIM and RIM2 roof and gutter de-icing systems by energizing up to four (model ASD-4C) or eight (model ASD-8C) branch circuits according to the temperature control values set on the digital temperature controller. It does not include ground-fault protection, which will need to be provided externally.
RAYCHEM High Efficiency Control System ( HECS )
  • The HECS control system is specifically designed to work with RIM systems and can utilize multiple sensors to provide zone control for better energy efficiency and ensures that the system is operating properly.

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