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Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Our full range of electric radiant floor heating systems can provide primary or secondary heating for all rooms. We offer clean, silent systems that bring warmth to any residential or commercial building, small or large. The floor temperature is controlled via programmable or non-programmable thermostat options that can increase the temperature of the floor
to 80-90°F (27-32°C).

Our nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating or mineral insulated (MI) heating cables can be used for heat loss replacement applications to reduce the heat loss in commercial applications such as loading docks, warehouses, foyers, gymnasiums and other poured concrete applications.

nVent NUHEAT Electric floor heating – Contractor’s choice for over 25 years

NUHEAT Floor Heating systems are offered in pre-built standard and custom mat formats as well as options that can be adjusted on-site such as mesh and free-form cable systems . All NUHEAT Floor Heating systems provide comfort heating or radiant space heating, making them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, sun rooms, shower benches and shower floors. We offer a line of programmable and non-programmable thermostats that allow homeowners to control their heated floors simply and efficiently.

Electric Floor Heating For Heat Loss Replacement
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RAYCHEM RaySol cut-to-length self-regulating heating cables can be cut-to-length on the jobsite and are suitable to be embedded in concrete. This robust solution eliminates the chill felt from the heat lost through floors over unheated areas such as garages, or loading docks. This solution can also provide comfort heating and radiant space heating.

RAYCHEM MI pre-terminated heating cables are factory-assembled and are suitable for concrete burial applications requiring high wattage output or solutions for 3-phase power. This solution can also provide comfort heating, radiant space heating, or heat loss replacement for concrete burial applications.

We offer an array of control systems, from basic sensing thermostats to advanced single-point or multi-point controllers that help maintain the temperature of the concrete. These systems are also capable of communicating the performance to the Building Management Systems (BMS). We also offer electrical distribution panels for installations that require power distribution with single-phase or three-phase circuits.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Electric radiant floor heating for increased comfort

Heated floors make any room more inviting and comfortable. Energy efficient and invisible, our floor heating systems go beyond the bathroom or kitchen. Our in-floor heating products are heating spaces in gymnasiums, hotels, spas, houses, apartments and other types of commercial and residential buildings nationwide. Heated floors will save energy, keep your feet warm and provide the ultimate in comfort.

Thermostats for any floor heating solution

Our line of programmable and non-programmable thermostats control nVent NUHEAT floor heating systems simply and efficiently. The SIGNATURE thermostat is the industry’s first WiFi enabled floor heating thermostat that can be controlled from virtually anywhere and works with NEST.

For concrete burial applications with RaySol and MI heating cables, the C910 and ACS-30 digital controllers provide a complete control and monitoring solutions that save energy by minimizing the amount of time the system is energized while ensuring that the desired floor temperature is maintained.

Reduced project completion time

Our pre-built mats can be installed in three simple steps and are the perfect solution for time-saving installations. Simply trowel thinset, roll the NUHEAT mat onto the thinset, add another layer of thin set and finally install the tile. We manufacture 100% coverage custom mats in three days.

On-site support

We offer exclusive full-service radiant floor heating support for condo, hotel and resort developments. In addition to special multi-unit pricing, we will assist you during all stages of the construction process including:

  • Onsite field measurements and measurement verification
  • Trade coordination
  • Jobsite material checklists for the applicable trades
  • Onsite contractor training
  • Installation and technical support
  • Unit-specific labels for NUHEAT boxes to ensure accurate and efficient installation
  • Post-purchase technical support for your buyers

At nVent, we proudly stand behind the quality and reliability of our products through our rigorous product testing process. As an electrical floor heating expert we can offer the most convenient warranty terms for our products. Our warranties go far beyond industry standards, with up to 25 years product warranty for our NUHEAT Heating Systems and 25 years total care warranty if installed by a NUHEAT Certified Pro installer.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating Technology

Series Resistance Cable Technology

Our nVent NUHEAT Floor Heating Systems feature series resistance heaters that can produce 12-15 watts per square foot and utilize a reliable and proven heating technology.

Easy to install pre-built floor heating Mats

Pre-built NUHEAT Mats offer 100% complete coverage and even consistent heat at all times. They have an ultra-low profile and are available in standard sizes, or can be custom built, to precisely fit any room with curves or angles. It is the easiest and quickest system to install to provide comfortable heated floors for any application.

These radiant heating mats consist of a single-conductor tinned copper braided heating wire sandwiched in a pre-configured pattern between durable, two porous layers of fabric.

Floor Heating Mesh for onsite customization

NUHEAT Mesh for in floor heating is a low-profile, self-adhesive mesh system allowing easy roll-out or onsite customization to fit any room shape. NUHEAT Mesh kits are available in 120 V and 240 V and can cover areas from 12 sq ft up to 240 sq ft per kit.

Adjustable free form floor heating cable

NUHEAT Cable is a robust low-profile cable that can be installed with our newly designed cable guides, or with a 5.5 mm uncoupling membrane (i.e. Prodeso) which lets you vary the spacing of the heating cable to deliver 10, 12 or 14 watts/sq ft.

NUHEAT Cable consists of a copper/nickel alloy heating cable insulated by a copper shield and coated with a copolymer (PVC) jacket that provides consistent warmth at 12 watts per square foot.

Self-Regulating Technology

nVent RAYCHEM Self-regulating heat trace cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes. They have a heating element that consists of a continuous core of conductive polymer extruded between two copper bus wires. As current flows through the core, the heat trace cable regulates its own heat output in response to ambient conditions—eliminating hot spots and resulting in better temperature control.

Mineral Insulated Technology

RAYCHEM Mineral Insulated pre-terminated heat trace cables are designed to provide constant power for a wide range of commercial applications. These cables provide higher voltages, high output, 3-phase power, and are durable enough to be embedded in concrete.

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