Fire Rated Wiring

Codes worldwide require fire protection for emergency feeder circuits in high-rise buildings, places of public assembly and institutions such as health care centers. Historically, this was achieved by running conventional cables behind a heat barrier such as a gypsum board or hollow concrete block; or by embedding the conductors in concrete.

Today, while these ‘construction methods’ of fire protection are still common; there is a transition underway to use fire-rated cables that maintain circuit integrity in a fire. The test to qualify a cable as 2-hour fire-rated is the ANSI/UL 2196 (ULC S139 in Canada). This protocol utilizes the ASTM E-119 time-temperature curve, and requires that cables remain operational after exposure to temperatures up to 1850°F (1010°C) for two hours followed by the full force of a firefighter's hose stream.


Fire-Rated Specialty Wiring Systems

nVent Thermal Management has the original and premier brand of fire-rated cable—nVent PYROTENAX brand—that meets the most stringent fire test standard in the world. The primary applications are fire pump and emergency generator feeders, fire alarm system wiring, and other circuits requiring protection such as pressurization and extraction fans.

  • PYROTENAX Mineral Insulated cable is composed entirely of non-combustible and inert materials. In addition to inherent fire-resistance properties, MI finds application for space-saving compared to conduit and wire in confined spaces, as well as for prevention of migration of vapors or gases through traditional cables.

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